R1 Series Control

Welcome to the R1 Series Control road signs category at Safety Signs Online. This section features a variety of SABS-approved road and traffic signs specifically designed for South African roads, ensuring safer navigation for all road users. Our R1 Series Control signs are manufactured using 1.4mm thick chromadek steel, making them durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The R1 Series Control signs include Stop, Yield, No Entry, One-way Roadway, Pedestrian Priority, and other essential traffic control signs. These signs play a crucial role in maintaining road safety by guiding drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists on how to behave at intersections, crossings, and other potentially dangerous situations. Our signs are retro-reflective, ensuring optimal visibility during the day and night. This is particularly important for high-traffic areas where clear communication of road rules is essential for preventing accidents.

Discover our comprehensive range of R1 Series Control road signs below, and ensure that your roads, parking lots, and other traffic areas remain safe and well-regulated. Browse our user-friendly website and easily find the perfect sign for your specific needs. To inquire about additional products such as nuts, bolts, clamps, unistruts, treated timber poles, and galvanized or painted steel poles in either round or square tubing, please contact us via email at info@safetysignonline.co.za.