Hazard Warning Signs (WW)

Hazard Warning Signs are SABS Approved safety signs that conveys the warning of a hazard.

These symbolic safety signs display a black pictogram on a yellow triangular shaped sign, surrounded by a black border. Some examples of such signs are in an indication of danger (fire, explosion, radiation, toxic hazard, etc.), or in a warning of steps, low passages, obstacles.

The height, width or diameter of the pictogram on these signs occupy between 75 % and 90 % of the corresponding dimensions of the backing sheet, either Chromadek Steel or ABS Plastic.

SABS approved sizes for safety signs are 150x150mm, 190x190mm, 290x290mm, 440x440mm and 880x880mm. It is however uneconomical to print 150x150mm so the industry by large has adopted printing 190x190mm and up.