Beware Of Electric Shock SABS safety sign (WW7)

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The Beware of Electrical Shock (WW 7) safety sign is a yellow and black triangular print on the square shaped safety sign.

Danger sign is to indicate an immediately hazardous situation which if not avoided will result in death or serious injury.

These signs are usually found in high-voltage areas such as substations or areas where high-voltage electricity is used. Appliances, switches, wire boxes and other electrical devices are often marked with an electrical safety sign, which warns users of what dangers could occur during use. The sign is usually used around Electrical Boxes, electric fences. 

The Electric Shock safety sign is also available as a (F33) Photoluminescent (glow in the dark) sign as a single safety sign or as a combination of more than one safety sign.

Refer to the Photoluminescent section for various combination options. 

This is a SABS approved safety sign