Traffic Circle road sign (W201)

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(W201) Traffic circle road sign that is a Class 1 road sign and is available as a Temporary road sign too (TW201)

Poles, unistruts, clamps, nuts and bolts not included, please email us your request

Where: On any public road.

Purpose: To warn that there is a traffic circle ahead where you may need to yield to other traffic.

Action: Slow down so that you can stop or drive around the circle at a safe speed according to the law of the road. Look out for road traffic signs and markings which will tell you whether you have the right of way or whether you have to yield to oncoming traffic. If there is no indication you have to give way to traffic approaching from the right. Vehicles within a traffic circle have right of way.

• If you have right of way still look out for traffic in the circle which may not yield to you. • If sign (R2.2) Yield at mini circle is displayed at the traffic circle, you must yield to any        driver who crosses his yield line first before you cross yours.