Construction site safety sign (CON003)

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This multipurpose safety sign for construction sites is suitable for display in areas that require many safety signs. It allows you to save on wall space since employees, visitors, and the general public can view all safety requirements in one place. 

There is also a dedicated space for company name .

This multi-message site safety sign is available in two sizes - 400x600mm or 800x1200mm we can make this sign bigger if required by a client. It can be customised by adding your company name and contact.

 The sign communicates the following details:

  • Compulsory instructions for contractors and visitors to report to the site office for induction training.
  • Warning of construction in progress.
  • Warning of deep excavation earthworks in progress
  • Reminder to wear safety shoes, hard hats, hearing protection, goggles as well as a safety harness
  • No unauthorised personnel allowed entry to the site

The sign is clear and easy to understand. It uses bright and appropriate colours as well as matching symbols.