Temporary signs

Road Signs -

With an attention grabbing, bright yellow background, Temporary signs are unique due to the nature of their use and can cover almost any category of road signs. Their purpose is to indicate that whatever information they display is merely temporary whether it be for a few minutes, hours or even months and that normal road conditions are not applicable.


Ignoring temporary signs carries exactly the same penalty as ignoring a permanent road sign. To ignore a temporary sign can be extremely detrimental to your safety. This is because they are most commonly placed to warn of road works, maintenance, construction (such as bridges) and other building sites alongside the road that could impact the flow of traffic. Temporary signs are also typically found at collision scenes as well as a temporary means to accommodate and control traffic in and around such places as school grounds, or big sporting events.


So, if it’s big and yellow, just be mellow. Heed the warnings and follow the instructions.




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