Love In 2022

There’s no denying it, the past two years have been hard. Awful even. Isolation and loss everywhere we turn.


For many, Valentine’s Day is viewed with jaded skepticism. Twenty-four hours concocted by the retail industry to yet again plunder our wallets and this so soon after the stress of Januworry. The very concept cruelly targets single statuses highlighting loneliness and despair. And I would agree to some extent but if there’s something I’ve learned from 2020 and it’s frightful sibling 2021 it’s time to give back. To ourselves.


We’ve been through the wringer. Exhausted and bloodied by the battles we’ve had to face we’re staggering in circles eyeballing anything that comes our way as yet another foe instead of the opportunity it might be. We’ve thrown up walls and worn so many masks that we no longer remember what our true face looks like. I get that. We’re overloaded with Fight or Flight adrenaline, scared that if we take time to pause, we may never get going again. Or, worse still, give up. But here’s the thing, even the bravest and strongest warrior needs to rest. Needs to take time to tend his or her wounds. To nurture a weary spirit.

Valentine’s Day for all its commercial trappings and elitist relationship club could offer just the respite we all so desperately because at its core, it’s about love.


Love of friends. Love of family. Love of…self.


Love is patient. Love is kind. Love isn’t arrogant or rude. Love isn’t resentful or irritable. Love never ends.


So why the hell are we being so unkind, rude, arrogant, irritable and impatient with ourselves? Why do we only love ourselves when things are going well? Why do we only pay our needs attention when we’ve reached critical mass and are on the verge of going atomic?

Perhaps it’s time we came at this Valentine’s Day thing from a different angle. Make it a YOU day! Whether single or in a relationship (You have anniversaries to celebrate your partnership), make February 14th YOUR day. Take the day off from work (if you can) and sleep in late. Buy your favourite foods (choccies and cheesecake are totally a food group), watch your favourite movies, go somewhere beautiful and go for a walk or have a picnic, paint your nails. Leave all past and future crap outside your door. For twenty-four hours focus solely on what makes you happy!


Rest. Talk kindly to yourself. Shower yourself with love and attention.

For if we don’t love ourselves, if we can’t be kind to ourselves, then how on earth can we ever truly love another or expect to keep fighting forward?



Wishing you all a Happy You Day!


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