Guidance Signs

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Guidance signs are an aid to the road user. Their purpose is to help you with your navigation by giving early indications that you will soon reach a particular place. If the message is short, these rectangular signs are small. However, the signs used for guidance as well as directing can be fairly complicated and as such, are relatively big.


Guidance signs of a recreational nature tend to have a brown background with a white informational pictogram.



  • National Parks Attractions
  • Provincial/Regional/District Parks Attractions
  • Resorts Attractions
  • Scenic Attractions
  • Sports Attractions


Under the category of Guidance signs, there are also several sub-categories:


  • Route markers –

These signs are usually found on the side of the road and carry information such as how far you still have to travel to the next town or which direction/offramp to take to reach a listed town. They can also offer you pre-exit warning so that you can ensure you’re in the correct lane to exit the freeway or road in good time.

  • Freeway direction signs –

Perform much the same function as Route Markers but are only found on freeways.

  • Diagrammatic signs –

These signs exist to order the flow of traffic instructing movements such as lane closures and openings, lane merging and regulating the use of certain lanes by specific vehicles eg. heavy trucks.

  • Overhead diagrammatic signs –

This type of signage is exactly as the name suggests – an overhead version of Diagrammatic Signs. There are, however, signs exclusive to this sub-category. These would include regulating speed and vehicle tonnage in a specified lane.

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